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FALL 2016


12-13-14 Octobre : Collège de France colloque de rentrée « Migrations, réfugiés, exil », organisé par Patrick Boucheron.
Annie Cohen-Solal fera une communication intitulée : Artistes et déracinement : le cas de Mark Rothko
More information here.

09/28, Princeton University, noon-1 :15 PM, Global History Workshop
Annie Cohen-Solal will give a presentation : Artists and Borders in the Twentieth Century
More information here.

09/26, Y 92, 7: 00 PM, New York, NY
Annie Cohen-Solal will be in conversation with Jeremy Adelman on Albert O. Hirschman
More information here.

20 Septembre, Bibliothèque Vaugirard, Paris, 19h, dans le cadre du Tandem Paris-New York
Annie Cohen-Solal sera en conversation avec Jacques Pothier sur New York, capitale culturelle
More information here.


Antwerpen : February 11, Instituut voor Joodse Studies, University of Antwerpen. More information here.

Last ACS article in Libération : : Feb 2, 2015. More information here.

Last review on Mark Rothko in The New Criterion : More information here.


FUSE BOOK REVIEW: Artist Mark Rothko — The Painter as Guru
May 31, 2015 | By Peter Walsh
“Artists are isolated in the United States as if they were living in Paleolithic Europe…. The isolation is unconceivable, crushing, unbroken, damning…. What can fifty do against a hundred and forty million?” True enough in the fall of 1947, when it was published in Horizon, this screed by critic Clement Greenberg was rendered obsolete almost as soon as it hit paper. By the early ’50s, those “fifty” obscure American artists (Greenberg exaggerates the smallness of the number but not by too much) became the leading masters of the contemporary art world: famous men (and a few women) whose images graced the covers of popular magazines and whose art was eagerly acquired by a new generation of curators and collectors, both at home and abroad.”





The Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
March 11, 2015.


Interview with Charlie Rose
April 07, 2015.

Times Higher Education
Mark Rothko: Toward the Light in the Chapel, by Annie Cohen-Solal
2 April 2015 | By Tracey Warr
A sense of not belonging coloured an outsider’s journey to the avant-garde, learns Tracey Warr
From the sorrow wrought by prejudice to envy to malice, the strong emotions that coloured Mark Rothko’s life matched the depth and richness of his paintings. Annie Cohen-Solal’s engrossing biography follows “the difficult identity journey” of “the avant-garde painter [and] the avant-garde Jew”, re-examining his work in the historical contexts of both the pogroms in turn-of-the-century Russia and the golden age of capitalism in the US after the Second World War. In a valuable, detailed account of his life, as well as a vivid portrait of early 20th-century Europe and America, Cohen-Solal convincingly argues that migration and exile influenced Rothko’s pioneering abstract expressionist art.

Exploring Mark Rothko with Annie Cohen-Solal, in conversation with Peter Selz

Midday with Dan Rodricks: Mon. Mar. 12-1 PM


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