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“Gripping… Meticulous… This novelistic account is a rewarding close-up of Rothko’s personal life and his experience as a Jewish immigrant.”

— Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“Once again, Annie Cohen-Solal has done it. As with her book on Leo Castelli, she has managed to bring not only Mark Rothko, but his time, to life. This book is a grand blend of biography, cultural history, and art criticism. Rare is the scholar who can pull it off so masterfully.”

— David N. Myers, Professor of Jewish History, UCLA History Department)


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Press review

The Spectator magazine, 03/07/2015, A strain of mysticism is discernible in the floating colour fields of Mark Rothko’s glowing canvases

The TLS Blog, 02/27/2015, Mark Rothko, the Mensch

Tablet Magazine – Yale University Press, 02/24/2015, Why Mark Rothko Dropped Out of Yale

Why did the trajectory of Marcus Rothkowitz, who for the past eight years had been thrown into a dynamic, frenzied integration into American society—from Dvinsk to Portland—falter so easily at this point, in less than two years in New Haven, which would surely seem to have so much to offer him?

Nieuw Israelitisch Weekblad, 10/17/2014, Dringen voor Rothko

Stedelijk Studies, 09/2014, Revisiting Magiciens de la terre

Le Quotidien de l’Art, 02/21/2014, Mark Rothko a révolutionné l’acte du regard

art press, 04/2014, Annie Cohen-Solal, Mark Rothko

Connaissance des Arts, 03/01/2014, Mark Rothko, le “sublime abstrait

Beaux Arts, 03/01/2014, Mark Rothko, le peintre qui voulait réparer le monde

La Croix, 01/13/2014, Rothko, une ascension américaine

Le Journal des Arts, 01/02/2014, Rothko, peintre juif d’avant-garde

L’Oeil, 01/14/2014, Le siècle de Rothko

Libération, 11/08/2013, Selon Rothko, l’artiste a pour mission de réparer le monde

Il ne voulait pas que l’on voie simplement ses tableaux : il cherchait à créer une expérience totale chez celui qui les regarde. Il voulait déterminer jusque dans ses moindres détails le dialogue créé entre ses œuvres et le spectateur.

La Libre Belgique, 10/31/2013, Mark Rothko

You can purchase a copy of the book from this website.