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How to write a good reflection paper

In your learning years as a student, each semester you will be necessitated to submit at the very least, one reflection paper. A reflection paper is a piece of academic writing comprising of your thoughts, analysis, and facts about a movie, a book, an event you have attended or experience you have encountered to conclude. In case you are working or deadline is so close, you can order a really quality custom paper at essay writing services for cheap price. Professors always require students to prepare well-written papers. To compose a good reflection paper, practice the following guidelines.

Select a good topic

Brainstorm on the task assigned and identify a favorable topic to base your discussion. Summarize the event or the book you have read and identify significant points that may be paramount to your paper. Similarly, ask you’re the following questions to narrow down the appropriate topic for you. Is there a specific, movie you have watched or book you have led that significantly altered your view of the world? Could the message in the movie or the book relate to your assignment? Have you experienced an unforgettable experience that is worth sharing? What lessons have you learned from your experience?

Develop ideas.

A reflection paper requires you to develop and organize our views and ideas freely. Note down answers to the questions you considered when selecting the topic. Also, consider other ideas you may have. Once you have exhausted your ideas, begin connecting the ideas so that you can come up with conclusive and logical ideas that relate to your reflection paper topic.

Develop an outline for your paper

In preparing an academic paper, an outline is essential for mapping out how you will organize your paper. Bring together all the different parts of an excellent reflective paper, namely the introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, include a statement that hooks the reader; provide background information on your topic and a thesis statement. In the body, organize all your thoughts in separate paragraphs and discuss using useful details. Finally, plan on your conclusion by reiterating your opinion and reminding the reader of the points you have explained.
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Make your discussion brief

Unlike when writing your diary, a good reflection paper needs to be organized. Express your feelings and give your thoughts briefly and to the point to avoid writing a disorganized paper that will bore your professor. Make your story short, humorous and smart organized in several paragraphs.

Write your paper beginning with your expectations versus the final result

There are two sides when you are writing a reflective paper. Begin with the first side, which is your thoughts before reading the book, article, or watching a movie. For instance, what were your expectations for a particular movie before you went to see it? What reasons pushed you to choose to watch this movie and why? The second side is the reality of the situation after it has happened, in this instance after watching the movie. Is the movie what you expected it would be? Is there anything you would have added to it? How were the different parts of the movie, for instance, the music?


Writing good reflection papers is easy, once you continually practice and eventually get the hang of it. To write a good reflection paper, ensure you pick the right topic for you, develop clear ideas, organize your paper, make it straight to the point and discuss your expectations versus reality.