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How to Write a Term Paper in APA Format

As a writer, it is fundamental for us to be equipped with the knowledge of the content we need to write on be it miniscule details such as the time and place when someone placed a toothbrush on a desk or to the important bits like where did the national hero die. All of this information is necessary should we venture out in writing our work.

Though information is necessary for one to understand and explain one’s own work, it is also important for a writer to know HOW to format the paper. In this case you can read some answers at You simply cannot write a piece as if it is a doodle, especially if you are writing a formal note. Simply put, you have to be able to organize your work into an easily understandable essay or work of art. To help you establish your paper’s frame, there are many formats you can follow such as the MLA, Harvard or even the APA format; however, we will be discussing how to write a paper in APA formatting and style to compensate for the multiple formatting available.

Without further adieu, here are the simple rules you have to follow in writing your paper:

  1. Set your paper to 8 ½ to 11” in terms of size with 1” margin on all sides.
  2. Every single paragraph must always start with a half-inch indention. You may do this by simply tapping the Tab button on your keyboard.
  3. The font-style should be Times New Roman (since it is highly recommended for you to do so) and size 12.
  4. The paragraphs should be double spaced.
  5. Each page should include a running header by putting it on the header portion of the paper.
    1. To create the running header, insert the page number starting from the title page as page 1.
    2. The running header of your paragraph should be the title of your work or the general summary of the title in ALL capital letters.

This article does not simply end there, the above discussed were simply the general guidelines you needed to accomplish before moving on the real deal which is the APA paper components. The components include the following: Title Page, Abstract, Main Body and the dreaded References.

Title Page

This portion of the paper should contain four entities: the title of the paper (the long version), running head, author’s name and the affiliated institution. You may even include an author’s note. You must be cautious that in writing the title page that you must add the words “Running Head” for the running head and must not be seen in the rest of the paper.

A tip in writing the title of your paper is that it should be a brief explanation of the objectives. No abbreviations must be found and that it should be centred on the page. Never underline nor bold nor italicize the title unless you are dealing with scientific names.


The abstract should include the word “Abstract” on the center of the page. Afterwards, make it a point to write the summary of your work which includes the key words used in your research. The summary’s paragraph must never be indented but must also be double-spaced with a maximum of 250 words shown.

The Body

The must start with the running title and on the next line, must write the title for appropriate sub-headers. You must begin the paper with an indented introduction and then begin the next section which is the methods or even review of related literature. Depending on what your professor wants you to write. After the methods, write the results and discussion in bold and center for this subtitle. The results and discussion must summarize the data used by using infographics such as graphs or even pie charts. Lastly, the conclusion must be a brief summary of the data which supports your thesis statement and whether or not the hypothesis from the introduction was affirmed or proven. You should also describe the limitations in the conclusion.


The references must have a separate page with the title references center and bold. All entries must be alphabetized appropriate and double space. Every article should mention the study in the reference entry. The APA format usually follows the 6th edition in such a manner that the author(s) is presented first. If the authors are more than 6 then it should be something like this (you must also include the information after authors):

Author 1, Author 2, Author 3, … & Author Last. (Year of Publication). Name of Article.
Publisher: Place of publisher, volume(issue/number): page numbers. DOI or ISBN.