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Album Jean-Paul Sartre
Iconographie commentée

(Album Jean-Paul Sartre – Annotated iconography)

After Sartre’s funeral in April 1980, it felt as if France had just buried Victor Hugo for the second time. Then his work set off on a strange odyssey, encountering fortunes and failures according to the country and epoch. In this essay, Annie Cohen-Solal draws on her travels abroad and the lectures she has attended, to present us with a fresh look at this dynamic thought process. While the French indulged in nit-picking Socrates, intellectuals concurred in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia, North and South America to declare that Sartre’s message represented a baseline to understand their own epoch.

Collection Albums de la Pléiade (n° 30)
Mai 1991
105 x 170 mm, relié peau
320 pages
ISBN: 2070112055