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La valeur de l’art contemporain

(The Value of Contemporary Art)

with Cristelle Terroni

Since its emergence in the 1970s, contemporary art has had to confront the question of its value in both senses of the term: the subversion of traditional aesthetic norms complicates attributing a stable artistic value to works that have not yet stood the test of time, while at the same time the art market establishes its own criteria, prizing novelty and originality above all. The disconnect between the economic value and the artistic value thus seems to have become one of the characteristics of contemporary art.

Steering clear of polemics, this book offers an understanding of the evaluation process for contemporary art, based on the experience of stakeholders in the art world.

Collection Laviedesidé
Février 2016
12.5 x 19 cm
112 pages
ISBN: 978-2-13-073132-0