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En préparation de l’exposition Rothko au FLV à Paris (octobre 2023/février 2024), voici le

Rothko Journal:
following Rothko Throughout the World

Art as an Experience

With Mark Rothko: Towards the Light in the Chapel, I embarked on a 3-week book tour throughout the United States. I decided to emphasize my particular angle – the social, political and geographical aspects of Rothko’s trajectory and impact. But on the day before my departure…

Into Gigantism, Kitsch and Luxuriance

The Omni Hotel in Dallas, facing the Convention Center, prides itself for its 1001 rooms. As soon as I step in, I hear that this week-end the hotel hosts the grand celebration of The Walking Dead (the most successful TV series of the day), with a two-day gathering of actors and fans.

Long Live the Old Masters!

An Ode to Tom Luddy. Before leaving Palm Beach for Miami where I’ll fly to the West Coast, I called my friend Tom Luddy in San Francisco. How to describe this gem of a human being? On top of having created of the Telluride Festival and found for Alice Waters the name of her…

Back to Mark Rothko’s Territory!

When I was invited by architect Zaiga Gaile to join the jury of the 2015 Architecture Awards in Latvia that she would be presiding, I had no idea that it would turn out to be one of the most interesting and intense experience of these last months. I had met Zaiga two years ago, when…

From Latvia to Korea: Under the Sign of the Tiger

Sunday, May 17: as I wake up in Kaltene on the Baltic Sea, little do I imagine that the rest of the day will usher me to one of the most extravagant journeys of my lifetime. Between Latvia (2 million people) and Korea (50 million people), between Riga (700,000 people) and Seoul…

Diving into Seoul’s Fog

This morning, Seoul is grey and this serious pollution reminds me of Mexico City, where I once woke up with swollen eyes after the first night. On this Day 2 in Korea, from the 22nd floor of my room in Namdaemun, I can already grasp a lot in one glance: contemporary skyscrapers, but also…

Day Two in Korea: From Tragedy to Hope

At Yonsei University, the whole Kim family has come for the lecture. The room is full and I am greeted by a historian, professor Chang-gyun HAN, who studied in Paris years ago. I have been asked to speak in French with an interpreter translating sentence after sentence. Soo-Bok is introducing the session.